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All the bst
A Quick review of the movie ‘ALL THE BEST’ i saw today..with my son…

On the performance front, full marks can be given to Sanjay Dutt who manages to elicit laughter every time he enters the scene. And the best thing is he has stepped out of his Munnabhai image in this movie at last and yet looks distinct. For the actor who has done action roles for more than three decades, it’s commendable to re-explore himself at this stage and come out with different comic tricks everytime. Interestingly, in the movie he says, “Action to main 30 saal se kar raha hu, comedy tho ab shuru ki hai”. The only problem is the actor’s weight because of which he’s started resembling his father Late Sunil Dutt now. Need to shape up a bit! And his teeth or missing teeth …oh! They look awful.

Ajay Devgn (his new ‘numerolgy’ spelling in his name), the producer of the movie, has become a regular at Rohit Shetty’s movies (He is a close friend of Rohit Shetty in real life) He is a natural and performs every role with an effortless ease. Beside comedy, he provides some emotional-relief too. One contact scene is where Ajay realizes that the net of deceit is affecting his personal equation with Bipasha (who’s playing his wife). Here, I felt objection to the ‘suggestive’ dialoques etc. Hindi movies never change as they address the uneducated mass to get box office earnings.

Bipasha Basu is new to the comedy genre. Beginners in comedy tend to overact, but Bipasha has managed to impress with her subtle comic timing. With a little more experience in the genre, the best in her can come out. But her sensuality always shadows everything she does on screen. Unfortunately she is not able to rid of that image.

Mugdha Godse doesn’t get into the skin of her character. She certainly needs a tonic to boost her energy levels and acting too!

Fardeen Khan is comfortable in his comic zone and comes out with a nice performance! At times he resembles Feroz khan, his father.

Overall, the movie is a laugh-riot ( for kids) and if you want to enjoy with your child, it is absolutely not a bad idea at all! I was more happy seeing my son enjoying the comedy in the movie. And yes. It reminded me of my stay in Goa as the shooting is done in Goa primarily.


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I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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