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US Foreign Policy is changing…

There is something different about Barrack Obama and his efforts to bring down anti-americanism in the world particularly in muslim countries.

The basic outlines of Barrack Obama administration is quite clear in the first year of Presidency…the administration feels it should walk alongside the other governments to meet its goals even if there are wide differences in their policies. Now, this is absolutely reverse of Bush ideology. Obama feeling that it is good to act in concert with others is very welcome and desirable. The challenges that most define this era – nuclear proliferation, terrorism, global climate change and pandemic disease – can be managed only collectively. Also, there is a rise of new major powers ( though only economically and not militarily) like India, China, Brazil, South Africa and they need to be consulted! Besides, US is very stretched both economically and militarily to succeed relying on its own resources.

The ‘Audacity of Hope’ definitely got Barrack Obama his Nobel Peace Prize but he is yet to earn it through action. The Israeli-Patestinian issue is long pending and the world expects Obama to arrive to a solution setting rest to the problem of co-existence. North Korea stability can be brought about with the help of China. Definitely, by just sending additional troops to Afghanistan is not enough…the effort should be to win over local taliban ruled insurgency.

The world is getting to be more complex and it is not just about US leadership as in the past. The earlier US unipolarity has ended primarily due to US economic mismanagement, the failure of a war in Iraq, continuing rise of other countries and inevitable globalisation. Let there be more cooperation amongst the countries in the world in solving global issues. Yes, let us walk together, working at solutions!!


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I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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