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The plane had landed and was taxing to its usual spot on the tarmac to park itself. Indicator buttons were still glowing asking the passengers to remain seated till the aircraft comes to a complete halt. Irfan could not wait as he got up to adjust his tie and remove the hand luggage.

From the corner of his eye, he could see Mr Thirumurugan, MD, TechnoFirst Security services Pvt. Limited, seated three rows behind his seat. Irfan wondered what he is doing here. Does he have a meeting with the same multinational as he has ?. He knew they sold a cheaper Chinese make biometric product that is priced half of his company’s Korean ‘Suprema’, the worldwide leader in biometric solutions and products. He politely responded to Thirumurugan’s greeting with charm and kept quiet not to reveal the purpose of his visit to Chennai. Salima too got up and offered to help Irfan remove luggage which he turned down. He felt he depended on Salima too much for everything.

As both of them got out of the airport, Ganesan from Chennai office met them and carried the hand baggage of Irfan guiding them to the car parked slightly away from the exit terminal. Irfan was thinking pro-actively what he needs to do for closing the sale and what is the maximum discount he can offer. This trade was not as profitable as it was in the past. Salima was as cheerful like every time they visited Chennai. Though she was a Muslim, Chennai offered lot of hospitality to the minority community being a cosmopolitan urban city. She knew five languages including tamil …the reason she married Irfan a tamil muslim born and settled in Mumbai… nearly 12 years ago when she met him at Rubaida’s wedding Ganesan greeted madam and carried her hand baggage too. On arriving at Chennai Office, Irfan and Vijaysarathy, the techno commercial branch manager, closeted themselves in the conference room to begin preparations for the meeting with the multinational.

Biometrics offers huge advantages over other types of ID systems in that users always have their identification with them. This avoids fabricating expensive IDs and gives the workplace a friendlier but secure feel. These systems are now very affordable and easy to manage.

BioStar is the name of Suprema’s next generation access control system based on IP connectivity and biometric security. A biometric device installed at each door works not only as a reader but also as an intelligent controller on its own. Separate secure relay units can be installed inside a door to eliminate security breaches.

The meeting of biometrics and IP makes a perfect fit by leveraging the merits of each technology. Increasing biometrics cost can be compensated in BioStar by removing expensive control panels from the system and reducing wiring burden from a central panel to each reader. BioStar’s IP based connectivity makes template distribution for biometric devices a no more difficult job.

Irfan and Vijaysarathy were in discussion for nearly 3 hours and the meeting ended at lunch so that they could have a quick bite of pizzas delivered at office. Talk about service…the market is ruled by buyers nowadays!. After lunch, Irfan got busy with the accounts department to settle payment outstandings’ issues.

The big meeting was scheduled for tomorrow at 9 am….and Irfan better be prepared well. At around 7 pm, both Salima and Irfan called it a day and decided to check in to the hotel Charlotte International where the room was booked in advance.

Salima, strong willed lady and a meticulous partner in Irfan’s business, is equally affable host and carried her social and public relation responsibilities well. She knew it will require some time to get ready to host the executives of the multinational they are meeting today evening, over dinner at Charlotte international.

Irfan would not leave anything to chance, she knew and he was clearly focused to complete the business transaction.


About Raman Ramamurthy

I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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