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The conference room at the multinational, Ledo Group of Hospitals… was 20 seater and with a revolving center table to enable members to access whatever required. Video conferencing equipment was available that allows people not physically present to participate in the boardroom meeting via computer. Boardroom had storage cabinets to store the audio-visual equipment when the equipment is not in use. The boardroom also has a coffee cart, air-conditioning and Internet access ports.

As required, Irfan was on time ….to make a power point presentation on ‘The Efficacy of biometric initiative and consequent profits – tangible and intangible’ along with a commercial offer. Since the technical contract was already signed, this presentation and meeting was purely commercial.

William Zikmund, Managing Director, was heading the table along with Ravi Shankar, Selvakumar and technical as well as Accounts team…present in full strength.

Irfan started the prsentation. “Lets understand what “fingerprinting” is, before we start on with biometrics fingerprint technology. Fingerprinting basically means to take an image (either using ink or a digital scan) of an individual’s fingertips and then store or records its characteristics.

The whorls, arches, and loops in the fingerprint are what make up this characteristics of a fingertip. These are recorded along with the patterns of ridges, furrows, and minutiae. This information may then be processed or stored as an image or as an encoded computer algorithm to be compared with other fingerprint records”.

In the digital arena, the software will map the minutiae points in relative placement on the fingertip and then will search for similar minutiae information in the database.

Often an algorithm is used for biometrics fingerprint systems. This algorithm will encode the information into a character string that can be searched for in the database, improving search time. In most cases no image of the fingerprint is actually created, only a set of data that can be used for comparison.

The presentation of slides with explanation were over and Irfan waited for questions from the audience.Since Irfan was well prepared he could answer satisfactorily and the deal was formally closed…. Irfan felt uneasiness and uncomfortable after ‘long’ two hours meeting/ presentation/ negotiation…that led to successful closure of the deal … he excused himself to splash his face with water several times in an effort to relieve the stress on him.

Irfan greeted all the members in the meeting…offering his visiting card to everyone. William Zikmund was happy…being convinced that he is being offered the best solution and a premium product. He was also impressed with Irfan after getting the GAP analysis and documentation proof of Suprema being a better, superior product over the chinese.

A good beginning to offer the chain of hospitals in the Ledo group…a premium product and ‘profitable’ solution…Irfan felt.


About Raman Ramamurthy

I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


One thought on “TBLP 4

  1. the story is well structured,needs a little more facts describing the scenario,the location,like street names,description of building,the fleshing out of the other characters,make out a picture like detailing to create an abiding allround interest.
    i don’t know if I am making any constructive contribution.


    Posted by yaaro oruvan | January 11, 2010, 10:27 am

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