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Jyoti Basu passes away yesterday…at age 95.

Communism never interested me much and neither did I bother to learn more about it! Jyoti Basu was for me a ‘permanent Chief Minister’ of West Bengal…and reason… I felt he had too much political clout and no one could challenge him in WB as such. The ideology of communism meant to me…no progress…and fortunately Jyoti Basu never became a PM in 1996 as the CPM Politburo did not want to join the co-alition government headed by Congress. In case he had become a PM, there would be completely different history written about India. There would have been no economic reforms taken place! To understand him better I need to read about his personality, progress of the State WB and the party CPI(M) or called CPM he headed for a long time. I need to read more!

Jyoti Basu was born to a US trained homeopath doctor Nishikanta Basu on July 8, 1914. He studied at Xavier’s School and the Presidency college both at kolkata followed by studying law in London. It is in London, he was influenced by ‘Marxism’ ideology which became his life’s mission and he became a slave to that. He joined CPI in 1940 on his return from England and in 1964 formed the break-away CPM along with the other founders.

In a democratic environment all over India, communism succeeded or lasted only in West Bengal and i cannot figure out why? I have never visited Kolkata that symbolised long power cuts, strikes by workers, unclean, non-hygienic surroundings and egoistic narcissistic intellectuals. As per my understanding, communism fails because there is no incentive or sense of ownership for the enterprise to work and it breeds mediocrity. Also if the leaders are not result- oriented to achieve an egalitarian society.. which must be the goal of communism (i feel) …there would be widespread corruption, red tapism, non-industrialization due to administrative delay, and lastly no progress!! Hypothetically, if the skill sets of each one are the same then the output will be similar if not the same. But, that is not the case!


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I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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