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We need stricter anti-drunk driving laws implemented!

In India, the anti-drunk laws are very lenient and the care-takers of law can be bought over too. I have been following the news of the 27 year old US returned fashion designing student Ms Nooriyah Havelliwala, killing two ( one is a traffic police inspector) and injuring four due to negligence caused by her drunken driving in south mumbai. Of course, she may get out ‘Scot-free’ with her high profile influential links and money power.

In other countries like the Middle East, US and UK. the laws are very strict and drunken driving is taken as a serious offense. The accused is put behind bars immediately without any hearing and if the victim dies resultant of drunken driving, the punishment could be much harsher. It is considered as a Non-bailable culpable homicide and the case of justice to the accused (or to the dependents) is quickly resolved and declared. The driving license is seized and in case of repeated offenders, the driving license is canceled or revoked. As there is no citizenship offered in the Middle East countries, such offenders are deported with remarks of offense on the passport. My objective to write is to highlight the seriousness of medical effects due to drinking and the ‘drunken driving’ act itself.

What is amazing is the reading of 457 mg of alcohol content per 100 ml allegedly found in her blood sample. I learned that beyond 300 to 350 mg, a person cannot coordinate motor activities…so the accused was not medically fit to drive at all. I know that the toxic effect of alcohol vary from person to person. But, beyond 400 mg, a person can slip into coma, suffer hypothermia…a case of subnormal ‘low’ body temperature, it can lead to respiratory or circulatory failure and even death.

What is required in India is strict implementation of existing laws to deter the offenders.The penalty in India is just INR 3000 and 6 months prison sentence and being a bailable offense, the accused can get under the wheel the next day itself.

There are atleast 15000 every year…die due to drunken driving in India


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I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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