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CBSE Policy for special kids welcomed!

Definitely, children are very precious to their parents.

I am always in praise of parents of special kids. Special kids include a range of kids…who are physically or mentally challenged, visually handicapped, hearing impaired and other shortcomings. I feel even the ‘poverty-stricken’ kids are special. Believe me, when I was younger, i could not ignore ‘begging children’ on/ outside the railway platforms/ cinema theaters during my sales tours. Invariably, i would be buying them lunch and sit with them to ensure they ate it all. I am not mentioning this to pat myself, but it is saddening to see a bright child among the poor..begging for food. And, i knew it is better to feed them than giving them money, as it will never help the kids! I still remember the incident… quite vividly…when i was mobbed by nearly 8 to 10 children, outside a cinema hall in nungambakkam, chennai. I chose to feed them all and slipped out of the restaurant to avoid more begging children.

CBSE has issued a circular that says, “It is being reiterated that any school which fails to provide attention to a child with special needs or makes a pretext of denying admission to any category of differently abled children… will be liable to stringent action even to the extent of disaffiliation” signed by the chairman of CBSE.

CBSE was the first to scrap the X board exams..and it is still the only one among the boards. The other boards have not emulated CBSE in this regard because they feel they are not ready for any other way of grading the children in the X standard. I have my own reservations on the new pattern adopted by CBSE – continuous and comprehensive evaluation – frankly our system is not ready for this! My son attends ICSE, so i am not really affected by the decision of CBSE.

Any way, besides this, the efforts taken by CBSE in case of special kids is praiseworthy. Psychiatrists have opined that this ‘inclusive education’ is a welcome change!


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I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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