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‘My Name is Khan’ – A review!

My Name is Khan
The effect was really unexpected…My Name is ‘Khan’ ( ‘Khan’ pronounced from the epiglottis) became an instant hit due to SRK following ( i saw the movie in the coach while traveling from Bangalore to Mumbai two days back)…with Sena struggling to remind the movie goers…what a force they were to reckon with in Amchi Mumbai!

This post is a mixture of topics condensed…Well, i want to highlight the plight of Sena….as well as review the film and share my opinion on what contributes to make a song ( ‘hit’ song ) a success : actors or lyricists…a controversy started by other Khan ‘Aamir’? To start with, Sena failed miserably..SRK never apologised to Sena..rather he apologised to the movie-goers for the hardships they underwent to see his movie! He gained more sympathy and more tickets got sold..with Germany Film Festival leading the way….selling a single ticket at 1000 euros ( Rs 67000 precisely…Ugh! I am forced to say ‘Khan’ from my epiglottis on hearing this!). Rahul Gandhi visited Mumbai to start the failure of Sena!(only SS please..as Raj kept quiet throughout all this so he has not failed since he never attempted in first place).

With SRK not apologising, the voters+ public went against Sena! Ashok Chavan and RR Patil relaxed at INOX thetre to see the movie smiling all the time…while Thackerays were glued to the news channels to see their popularity turning into anonymity slowly. My Name is Thackeray!! Can you hear me?

Regarding the movie, Khan was too proud to be a muslim in his role of Rizwan Khan..or was he trying uplift the tarnished image of good god fearing muslim in US or anywhere else? Aspergers syndrome is a genetic disease like many other mental disorders resulting in limited social interactions in the patient. There is no cause identified as yet….but the behavior..repetitive patterns of it…is not what a girl will look forward to fall in love with. So it is masala film and unrealistic since SRK is so communicative throughout the movie…and he does not portray any symptoms of the disorder like limited communication, limited empathy and physical clumsiness. The main rewarding point to SRK is his ability to convey the message that there are good and bad people in every religion or among human beings, to be precise. Zarina Wahab does play good protective role of a mother having abnormal child. Kajol really got sidelined because of SRK and could not display her prowess as an actor. The movie is totally focused on SRK and his histrionics that it looked more like a mono-act play on theater stage. Really! The music and songs were very entertaining! Otherwise it is only SRK fan clubs’ movie!!! Not merit worthy as a movie.

Well, that enthuses me to write who is responsible for ‘hit’ songs..with Aamir Khan claiming that the credit for hit film songs must go to actors, not lyricists. Let us please note that it is the lyrics that make the song memorable, music immortalizes it, actors emote the meaning of well-written lyrics ( even in 3 idiots..aamir, please note), composers streamline the efforts to make it popular, background ( scenic locales) add to flavor to the filmed songs. It is a collective effort and all Khans should know this after spending 20 years in film industry. Every producer releases the audio much before the movie is released! The songs get popular and builds curiosity among listeners to see the movie. And there is no ‘Superstar’ any more…there is no No.1 position at all. Hence actors cannot claim the whole credit! Why doesn’t Aamir Khan realize this?


About Raman Ramamurthy

I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


2 thoughts on “‘My Name is Khan’ – A review!

  1. Hey, I haven’t seen the movie yet – but you have done a good job in summarizing the movie – critic’s review. I am biased but I like Aamir Khan more of the the 3 Khans that have taken over the Indian film industry…


    Posted by avalok ishwar | February 19, 2010, 5:49 am

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