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Learning to be aware of evolution of consciousness!

I came across Andrew Cohen in my search to study more on enlightenment about 5 or 6 years back. I visited the website of Andrew Cohen to understand more about him and his spiritual teachings on consciousness and regarding enlightened life. Andrew Cohen claims he got enlightened at the age of sixteen years and his life changed phenomenally and he has an ashram/ office in hrishikesh, India and one in the north east of USA. I cannot recollect where it is in USA exactly. The feeling of enlightenment is difficult to explain. It can be experienced if you are lucky and destined to. Definitely, the spiritual experience widens the individual’s perspective.

Most of us are not simply aware of the subject ‘consciousness’ and it’s evolution from day to day in our life. As per Bible, god created the world in six days if at all this theory is accepted. Christianity is historic religion and there is sufficient data to prove the propositions in the bible. Hinduism is a way of life and is not historic but there are epics in Hinduism preaching a way of life to be led and its principles are explained in the format of a story/ tale. All these books are nothing but spiritually inclined notes on religion, methods and creation/ existence of universe…evolved long time back but many feel they are mere fables.

Yes, most believe there was cosmological evolution..of universe and that it was born many billions of years ago in a blinding flash of light and energy. We also believe in biological evolution..plants, cells, ecology, environment etc. We agree that an ecological balance exists and there is a system of predators and preys. But, all this fine! How many are aware that the ‘consciousness’ itself evolves? We can understand the normal biological evolutionary process because we can see it happening around us: actions like .. moving, stretching, changing, reaching from life to death to lead into new life again. To the layman, existence of ‘Consciousness’ does not exist and they do not acknowledge such an existence! the concept of universal consciousness is not known to many.

Well, there is universal consciousness and we all, excluding none, belong to it! You can feel it, experience it but cannot see it! Mind, Body and Intellect guide us to this ‘whole’ through its efforts or utility .. if we are aware of what we are seeing, hearing, doing, experiencing, talking, smelling, touching and thinking. The feeling gets subtler at every stage. The physical body is the gross.. and the mind is the subtle and the Intellect facilitates reasoning. Till a point.. ..where even thoughts cannot perform any more or help us go forward …it becomes a thoughtless state after that point ! …. Here, the feeling of the Unknown is experienced that is not aided by any sensory system. ..So it is actually discovery of the unknown and it happens on its own like any other discovery.

We can imagine our own development as long as we objectify it with our thought. .. For example, we can imagine losing weight, building muscle. We can imagine ourselves becoming less selfish and more compassionate with advancing age. All this is imaginable because our thoughts help us ! What can we do when ‘thoughtless’ state surfaces? We are helpless at that moment and feel like surrendering ourselves to continue the experience we are witnessing till then … to survive, to learn more, to enjoy the feeling, to reach the Unknown!

Evolution of consciousness is an experience derived from looking inwards into self! You get enlightened and start realization of the whole through objectifying your own ‘self’. You become the ‘observer’ as well as the ‘observed’.

You realize that you are minuscule part of the Whole and just a cog in the Wheel… a cog in the Wheel.


About Raman Ramamurthy

I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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