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Who is Britain’s next PM – Do we really care?

A survey was conducted and it was significant to note that 60% of Urban India did not know that Britain went to elections on May 6th. Do we really care?? Does it matter who is Britain’s PM…David Cameron or Gordon Brown?

British have played a major role in Indian lives for very long. In fact, most of the Indians speak English since the age of 3 years! A colonial imprint on the Indian psyche? We have ‘right hand’ drive like they have – another adaptation from the English. London always meant the only ‘firangi’ land to us! White skin is honoured in today’s time too…Oh! she is so milky white….if a firangi is come across! So, looking at all this….it is indeed surprising that many of us do not bother what happens in England. Is it because the British have lost their political clout?? Have they become only America’s yes-man?

I quote Dr Manmohan Singh saying at Oxford – “Of all legacies of the British Raj, none is more important than the English language and the modern school system. That is, if you leave out cricket!” Oh, really! who cares? ..we know English well because we were a British colonial for long!

I feel it is important to highlight that the Indian constitution is inspired by the British system – the Lower house and Upper house, the PM being elected by the mass and being the centre of activities/ operations etc. Basically everything is copied – from the pavements in mumbai, the architecture, railway network gifted by the British and what not. but, today ‘vilayat’ does not necessarily meaen …only London. It has changed…. with Indians being spread across the globe.

But, still…. there is a cultural and social connection with the British. Definitely, the snobbish ‘upper class’ behaviour has been inherited from the British. And the traditional societal structure too. Also, there is nothing to copy from the ‘immigrant’ society in the US other than McDonald Aloo tikki burger, french fries and pepsi cans. Probably, the indulgent ‘individualism’ of the US has the Indian youngsters trapped for some time. No! The entire world has become an option to the growing Indian presence in the globe.

Just a thought… does it really matter to Indians….what happens in Britain or the US?


About Raman Ramamurthy

I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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