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‘Golden Egg Technique’ – Parenting by new ways ?

I was just reading an article written by Swami Sukhabhodananda..in the ‘speaking tree’ column and he was explaining the ‘Golden egg technique’… the basic concept being…that whenever you purify your centre, you become receptive to higher vibrations in the surrounding! Creativity is restricted if the centre is not clear!! Do not be biased….in other words. No pre-conceived notions, please.

The Golden Egg technique : Imagine that there is an egg and in the egg..there is gold and it is hidden inside the egg. Treat every problem you encounter as one such egg…( quite similar to the ‘management’ theorem that every problem is an opportunity in disguise etc..) So, he says…do not lose hope when you encounter a problem..look for the solution hidden in the problem? Delve deep…think..options..ideas..targeted objective?..and there you are. YOU GET THE SOLUTION ! this kind of activity makes you creative..really.

This technique can be applied to Parenting too. Really, Parenting…is tough…. especially for new parents! the problems are new and families are ‘units’ nowadays, with no elders around to teach them. Relax..look for the solution. Is your child lazy? or hyper? Not listening to you? Is he or she too smart for you?

First find out the ways – why is this happening? Go to the internet and gather data on the subject and get into a proactive state and discuss with the concerned… if he or she is a teenager. If he likes football, let him play ( do not worry about soiled clothes, germs/ throat infections, roughness of the game, unfriendly players etc.) COOL..just let him do what he wants..if he gets hurt, help him out..do not say..I told you not to do, right?..etc. It is a learning process..teenagers are smart…they are growing up and have wide exposure to new developments.. or a genetic evolution?

Look for the gold in the egg..look for the solution in the problem…parenting is a full time job while you are at it..do not lose focus! In my official atmosphere, I find the juniors smarter than me and they feel they know it all! But, they need my help in problem areas they cannot solve themselves. They need my experience and they respect me so as to gain from it. So I chip in..my thoughts..when they are asked for!!. The same applies in parenting too..just watch out…study and respond. Do not restrict creativity in your child…..clean your centre…accept new ideas ( in fact, Praise them too!)

Today’s times are not like earlier…parenting is an earned assignment! If you are not fit to do it, the assignment is not given to you. Period!


About Raman Ramamurthy

I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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