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‘Kites’ – that never flew high! – a film review.

Without doubt, Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori are looking good on screen!

Hrithik is looking handsome.and, there is of course the requisite dance sequence and bare torso scene! Even in moments of anguish, Hrithik’s blue-green eyes are ablaze. Barbara is lovely with real texture and a feisty spirit. Together they are so luminous that the frame lights up when they are in it. Their crackling chemistry keeps Kites soaring. But, the movie/ story is not so ‘appealing’ to the mass audience, at least in India. And, I understand that the movie did far better in overseas markets which helped in recovering ‘real high’ costs of film-making.

Developed by Anurag Basu, from a story by Rakesh Roshan who has also produced the film, ‘Kites’ is about Jai and Natasha, two street-smart hustlers who are marrying into a rich and brutal Las Vegas family purely for the money. Of course their scheme falls apart when they ‘really’ fall in love with each other. They can’t speak each others’ language—he doesn’t know Spanish and she can’t speak English—but their ‘longing’ looks (for each other) are louder than words.

They know their path is fraught with danger but they can’t put the brakes on their desire. Inevitably the bad guys find out and then the chase begins…..

Barbara Mori is from Mexico and Hrithik Roshan spent lot of time in Las Vegas romancing Barbara….of course, only on screen. Rakesh Roshan made sure that Hrithik’s family was with him on the sets so that no relationship develops with the Mexican babe and Hrithik off screen. Did you not hear that? Daddy knows the best!! Unfortunately, the movie nearly bombed at the box office in India! There was so high expectations and the waiting period for its release was long and that itself became a cause for its ‘downfall’.


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