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Is the cat calling the kettle black?

krishna and qureshi

Indian External Affairs Minister S M Krishna very well knows India cannot chose its neighbour! It is not that he had no clear mandate to conduct talks and was going by instructions over the phone from Delhi, as alleged by his counterpart Qureshi from Pakistan. Krishna is clear, with terrorism in India, sponsored by the terror- troubled state of Pakistan, there can be no ‘meaningful talks’ with Pakistan. And, time and again, Pakistan’s civil government does not acknowledge this truth.

Flip-flop statements of the Pakistani government on this issue (terrorism) cannot delay, misguide, build false hope with India any longer. It is very amusing to hear Qureshi saying that S M Krishna is carrying a brief-less profile and cannot decide on his own. Definitely, such statements do not speak of courtesy or diplomatic restraint expected from high offices. There has been no concrete action taken by Pakistan over the ample evidence provided on the 26/11 terror attack from Pakistan based LeT. Does Qureshi have any worthwhile ‘brief’ besides being a hock in the puppet government dictated to – by the Military or the ISI Intelligence???

Definitely, the solution cannot be easily arrived at, especially when the stakes are high and both the countries involved are nuclear armed. It is clear that the military, ISI Intelligence and the radicals or religious fundamentalists rule in Pakistan and they dictate terms to the ‘fledgling’ democratic government. But, at the same time, India cannot ignore the fact that…..to arrive at any amicable solution, the Pakistan democracy has to be sustained, if required even by external support. Of course, the US sending the secretary of the state, Hillary Clinton, to Pakistan is well-timed. What is required……is to fix a time-frame to end the ‘helpless’ terror supporting puppet regime in Pakistan. Otherwise, it will become like another ‘Afghan’ problem! ( Next in line, Yemen….?)

Why not engage ‘WORTHY’ dialogue with the army in Pakistan directly? That’s an entity that continues to be deeply hostile to India, despite India’s efforts to find a solution. It is the Pakistan army that has real power… within the Pakistani establishment and the need of the hour is to build trust with it and remove its hostility towards India.


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I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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