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Relationships – spiritual vibes?

Relationships are important – whether in offices, at home, in extended families, among friends’ circles, in business transactions, in buy-sell equations and many more. Man cannot live in isolation and he should not even try to do so.

In spiritual growth, each person seeks self-realization and makes all efforts to achieve this objective. Normally, it is mistaken that such a spiritual seeker should renounce all his relations and as a yogi, start fasting, remain celibate and live in caves (self-imposed seclusion?) etc. I totally differ with this view; the seeker can remain a ‘householder’ and still pursue the spiritual path – while having a job, raising a family, maintaining a home, bringing up his children, and giving company to his wife.

Serious spiritual seekers understand that karma yoga is adopted by several to attain freedom from the cycle of birth and death. Rather, they are not bothered about the result; but they immerse themselves in fulfilling their duties first. Management theory preaches self-actualization as the final goal to realize one’s potential and consequent self satisfaction.

In Hindu spirituality terms, relationships are initiated and maintained by karma; cause and effect phenomenon that last beyond generations. They believe, marriages are made in heaven! In fact, the theory of ‘relationship karma’ is understood the best in Hinduism while in other religions, partners resort to divorce at the slightest provocation.

Yes, relationships may encounter stress in difficult situations; especially, when one partner is considering self-actualization while the other is happy with status quo. I am not limiting this to marital relationship alone; as this could be the case among business partners, with employer-employee relationships, and other relationships.

A major key to healthy relationships is to see the divinity in each other. Relationships based solely on lower ‘chakra’ energies of physical attraction, dependency issues, and money – are break-ups waiting to happen.

As we know, physical body wears off, mind becomes weaker/ feeble with advancing age but the spiritual connection stays put for long. Hence, this calls for utmost belief in our religious values and vedic promises made, while taking several rounds with life partner around the ‘fire’ god (as a witness) during the marriage ceremony. Blissful marital relationships last really long; transitioning from physical to emotional, and finally staying connected in each others’ mind till death or parting. “Hey, you are always in my mind”…one says to another!

Blood line relationships; that are really coincidental because you do not choose them – again,remain connected by karma. Being born to the same father; naturally creates genetic connection besides the emotional bonding that lasts forever. With increasing emotional independence and expanding job opportunities, blood line relatives stay far away from each other to earn their livelihood; to adopt their chosen lifestyle; or to pursue their career growth etc. In order to bridge the gap of geographical distances, they should keep in touch with each to emotionally satisfy themselves.

If we are related; let’s love and appreciate each other. The older I get, the more I value loved ones. I love my family, immediate as well as extended – and, I know they were there with me during all times, they helped me spiritually grow, and they gave importance to being with me more than anything else.


About Raman Ramamurthy

I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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