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Be certain of your Self!

Majority of the spiritual seekers do not realize that only ‘Self’ is certain in this world of uncertainty.

Obviously, if you feel the same way – then, you are not at ease! But, you can be at ease with the uncertainty of the world when you realize the certainty of the Self; also referred to as ‘consciousnesses’.

The concept of ‘Whole’ or the singular reality – is not accepted until one experiences it. Seeing is believing!! Most of the time, people are proud to announce to others that they are ‘seekers’ without realizing that they are that what they are seeking! Inscribed on the wall in every temple: ‘Tatt Twam Asi’ means ‘You are That’, if translated the meaning of that statement from Sanskrit into English.

Why do you have to go to several places to worship, or attend many spiritual discourses, or praise Him by singing Bhajans glorifying Him; without knowing the underlying reasons of what you are doing? Is it not to look for something that is certain or stable in your life? Is it not to soothe one’s mind bogged down by uncertainties around? Then, start looking into your Self since that is only certain in this world of change! Naturally, we can rely only on the ‘non-change’ which is stable to win the battle! The moment you realize that everything else, other than Self, is uncertain – you are liberated. Easier said than done! One has to work towards bringing about certainty to self by several experiences in his life.

Acting amidst uncertainty in the world, makes life a game to be played, or a challenge to be met. Being in uncertainty – is allowing to let yourself go through several experiences! You are trying to do your best! And, the confidence to do this effort comes from the fact: ‘You are certain about yourself’.

Let us look at the same situation in reverse: wherein you are ‘uncertain’ about yourself but you are in a ‘certain’ environment ( created hypothetically): You will soon begin to experience fear, anger, hatred, diffidence – to the extent where you will become helpless! You lose control on what is a ‘certain’ world because you are uncertain about yourself. Can we make the world certain? A big NO!

‘Meditation’ – many say can bring about certainty of self in seekers. I do not really agree to this! Meditation only sharpens the ability to focus on an object or a thought. It only builds the power of concentration. It does not give any liberation from the uncertainty in the world. Liberation comes to only a few as a result of spiritual experience. One need not go to secluded places to get that! The wise meditate to find relief from the uncertainty in the world and it is only a temporary remedy! Looking inwards into your self can enlighten one! Constant self-introspection can bring about liberation wherein the mind becomes free from the external surroundings! Such a mind can think analytically in its ‘earned’ freedom; being detached from the external forces.

Sri Sri Ravishankar says, “When mind is happy, it expands; then time appears too short. When the mind is unhappy, it contracts; then the time appears too long”.

I tend to accept this theory since everything that happens around us depends on our state of mind. It is the mind that is to be brought under control! So, the mind is what differentiates one individual from another! Meditation does not help in developing one’s mind! It is important to understand that one should be the master of his mind and not vice-versa; this should be the goal in case of those who have not yet achieved it!

Intellect guides or discriminates on whatever ‘matter’ our mind or body accepts from the surroundings; and, this skill of being able to discriminate – differentiates human beings from other living species. Mind, Body and Intellect help each other to utilize what is available to bring about certainty of Self. The effort should be directed towards ‘realizing’ self as certain to take advantage of uncertainties in the world around. Realization of Self as certain brings confidence in your actions and develops faith in the singular Reality.

Then, you are always at ease!


About Raman Ramamurthy

I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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