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‘Phir Milenge’ (2004)- Movie Review

Phir Milenge
‘Life is precious, too precious to be thrown away on a momentary impulse!’

Coming from an accomplished Tamil film actor/ director Revathy; music by Shankar Ehsan Loy; classic acting by Shilpa Shetty and Salman Khan along with a good attempt by Abhishek Bachchan – the movie revolves around Tamanna Sahni (Shilpa Shetty) who discovers she is HIV infected due to her intimate moments with college sweetheart Rohit Manchanda (Salman Khan), when they meet at their college re-union. Rohit is a sculptor and lives in New York, while Tamanna (called ‘Tam’ by her colleagues and her loving sister) works for an Ad agency in India.Tam is talented, creative and toils real hard for excellence in her job! She is responsible for bringing certain key accounts to the Agency.

I should say, Shilpa Shetty has acted really well; though, Salman Khan’s performance is excellent. The scene where Tam comes to know she is HIV infected is spellbinding and silence has been effectively used. Tam makes a frantic attempt to get in touch with Rohit to find out whether he is HIV infected, but he is untraceable! This builds up sympathy amongst the audience for Tam! There is confusion in her thoughts, seething anger in her that is not displayed in her behaviour and she appears well controlled otherwise. On reaching her office, she realises that her boss has sacked her on grounds of incompetence; she decides to hire a lawyer to win back her job since she feels the real reason for her to lose the job is her HIV infection.

Tarun Anand (Abhishek) is an upcoming lawyer and though he initially refuses to take up Tam’s case; he finally agrees, looking at the ‘live’ spirit of Tam preparing to fight on her own. The scenes where Tam’s boss and Tam interact are filmed sensitively expressing their deep bonding as well as the Agency’s inability to continue their working relationship. Tam is professional and so is her boss!

The scene where Rohit confesses to Tam that he was unaware of his HIV infection and Tam breaking down into tears is really well pictured. Then, Tam witnessing Rohit dying due to AIDS is emotional and touching. Salman Khan (Rohit) has actually excelled in portraying the state of a patient dying because of AIDS. Supporting cast: Nasser (Tamil actor as Tarun’s Mentor) and Somayajulu (Tam’s boss) have done well.

The movie exhibits Shilpa Shetty’s acting prowess. And, though Salman’s role is very small, he excels! Direction by Revathy is superb; there is lot of silence in between the dialogues at the right moments; coaxing the audience to think! The roles by all involved are intentionally underplayed as the issue of HIV infection is sensitive! This movie is not a normal commercial formula one but is produced to highlight the difficulties faced by the HIV infected in an Indian society that is largely indifferent to them. Also, there is reference to lack of legal tenets in India to protect the interests of the HIV infected.

This movie was produced in the year 2004 and is inspired by the Hollywood movie ‘Philadelphia’ (1994) – a movie about a homosexual HIV infected executive (played by Tom Hanks) fighting against his loss of job and discrimination in the Law firm where he works. Denzel Washington is playing the role of a lawyer in the original movie. Unlike Phir Milenge, the original ‘Philadephia’ was a great commercial success at the box office in United States!

I recommend viewing the movie for the discerning audience.


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