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‘Endhiran – The Robot’ – movie review


It is Superstar ‘Rajni’ mania in the movie all the way, that lasts more than the usual three hours! All movies starring Rajnikanth are primarily centered around Rajnikanth for his histrionics, ‘style’, mannerisms, action and delivery of dialogues! But, the movie ‘Endhiran’ is more than that!! There are hundreds of Rajni clones as Robot, computer graphics, hi-fi sound effects, ‘special effects’ action sequences – that dominate the second half of the movie. That’s what I call as ‘Rajni’ mania!

Dr Vaseegaran (Rajnikanth) is a ‘robotics’ scientist working on a mission to develop an Andro-humanoid robot that would help humankind in the development process, as a valuable aid to human efforts. Still, I would not term the movie as ‘only’ a science-fiction film; director ‘Shankar’ ( the Tamil answer to Hollywood ‘Steven Spielberg’ in making only big budget movies!) has kept the mass audience and commercial success in his mind while making the movie! Dr Vaseegaran toils hard, day and night for nearly 10 years and successfully creates “CHITTI” – the Robot that can do lot more than human can. But, what happens when the Robot starts thinking like ‘only’ humans can?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (as Sana), is ravishing in her ‘designer’ attire in each scene! As Dr Vaseegaran’s girl friend, she is in dilemma since the doctor has no time for her, due to his research efforts. There is very less star cast in the movie and the movie revolves around Rajni and the ‘Robot’ Rajni all the time. To add villain-hood in the movie, Danny Denzongpa – the Hindi villain star – is playing the role of Dr Bhora as mentor of Dr Vaseegaran. He is upset that he could not achieve what his student Dr Vaseegaran has.

What happens when Rajni is pitted against his own creation ‘Robot’ Rajni? Like a Frankenstein monster, CHITTI is out to destroy everything, even his creator, when he falls in love with Dr Vaseegaran’s girl friend Sana (Aishwarya)! He wants Sana!!!

Spell binding special effects on the screen, hard to believe action scenes and emotional touch!! Worth watching! The music by A R Rahman is good though the lyrics are understood only after hearing it couple of times. The movie, made with a budget of Rs 180 crores, has already grossed revenues more than that at the box office worldwide. The total revenues are expected around Rs 400 crores and the movie is made in three versions – Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. Targeting cine-goers all over the world!


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