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Religion/ Festivals and Spirituality

Why Religion & Spirituality are still important?

When I decided to start a blog page and write, there were several reasons that came to my mind to justify my act. In fact, there is encouragement from very close ones (who like my style of writing); at the same time, few others feel that blogging is only an interaction with an inanimate machine (computer) which does not immediately respond except for any spelling or technical errors. But, verbal communication can be done only in real time, unlike writing – with the convenience of leisure and moods. Also, writing develops an analytical mind, adds to existing ‘research’ efforts, consequently developing or increasing reading skills.

Any how, having decided to blog, I made up my mind to draw a framework of categories/ issues on which I would write, so that the readers and myself could gain from such a structured/ focused written communication. After careful thought, knowing my interests and that of others, one of the categories is obviously Religion & Spirituality, an invigorating domain to an analytical mind – of a reader or writer.

In fact, Swamiji in this video, explains how the ‘questioning’ mind of human beings led to development of science and other disciplines. Every individual is a composite of many parts of an inner world – that cannot be said or explained in words. There are many aspects in life or nature which cannot be easily understood by us and humans (unlike animals) want to question the occurrence of events or underlying cause/ effect and want to explore; to solve the mystery that has come to their notice; to reason out why events happen the way they do? Humans are rational thinkers in major and they cannot accept the events/ happenings around them just like that, without a reason!

Spirituality is based on the faith that consciousness exists and it is the binding force that holds us all together. Where does Religion come into the picture and why is it related to Spirituality? One of the roles of Religion is to give spirituality its public face! Religion ties you down to define or limit interpretations of human beings or society in general. Religion guides us to do the right and limits the excesses of spirituality – like experienced in terrorism. As an example, I would like to highlight, if a religion is well interpreted and practiced with right sense/ reason, it can control or even stop terrorist acts committed in various parts of the world. Only religion can reason out and control such barbaric acts! That’s the logic explaining why Religion and Spirituality are still important in today’s world!


About Raman Ramamurthy

I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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