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Your Genes decide whether you are pessimistic!

Pertaining to health/ medical updates – my interest is to highlight the essential, worthwhile – that amuse me or sound funny!

I never thought that genes will decide on our attitude. I always knew Pessimism or Optimism is developed as a result of our attitude. Many read self-help books to become optimistic, if they are not as yet. I have come across few die-hard optimists in my life; and, I have given up on many who are incorrigible fatalists (negative minded!). I believe, most of what we have is developed by the attitude we carry!!! Recent medical updates prove me wrong!

‘A new study has revealed the amount of a chemical in the brain affects how people view the world – in fact, the researchers discovered that levels of a molecule – Neuropeptide Y (NPY), directly relates to whether people have a “glass half empty” or “glass half full” attitude towards life – University of Michigan research team says’

In fact, the study further elaborates why some sound so negative, shockingly abusive etc – it is because they have low expression of NPY. Whew! Science has not left anything un-explored!! Few months earlier, I had read that behavioral trends are based on genes one has and now, genes decide on attitude too! Well, Blame it on Genes!


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