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LokPal Bill – Only a beginning of the End we wish to See!

The LokPal bill will only prove to be a beginning – if at all it gets passed in the parliament in August 2011. I am in no way lessening its role in creating a ‘corruption-free’ political environment to start with, leading to a better society! But, what we need in our society – is a radical reform across the sphere involving, affecting, benefiting the ‘common man’. This can happen only if there is a public awakening – of such a magnitude – that it cannot be swept under the carpet with passage of time!

And this moral ‘change’ in the public mind is happening in minute steps – scams involving ‘powerful’ politicians are coming to light – for eg. the 2G Spectrum scam – which involves many bureaucrats, politicians, political parties, and ruling governments. This scam would not have come to everyone’s knowing if the ‘change’ had not begun to occur. The tax-payer’s amount stolen/ siphoned is Rs 1.78 lakh crores ( 10 million is One Crore) and it is by no means a small figure which can be ignored! It also speaks of how rich India is. Yes, India is rich and is probably the oldest trading community the world has dealt with (taking us right way back to 15th century when India & China accounted for 50% of world trade).

A radical reform is required in our Indian society – breaking the nexus between the ‘politician-police-judiciary system-business community’! If there is a delay in delivering judgement; it is equivalent to judgement being denied. Faith is lacking in the common man that he will get justice for sure. Such a defeatist situation will neither help the common man nor the system and country at large. Under all these circumstances – LokPal bill is indeed a beginning! The governing committee responsible for implementation of LokPal Bill should maintain the highest moral standards in their lives, so much so, its integrity cannot be questioned by anyone. It is unfortunate there are attempts being made by the vested interests to indulge in smear campaign to nullify or sabotage the efforts taken by the LokPal Bill Governing committee. Such smear campaigns will not succeed if the Indian society at large – awakens to the need of the hour!

Education and Population – twin ‘Indian’ problems since long – need to be monitored, controlled, looked into with the help of a magnifying lens! When these problems are conquered with sustained government efforts, a solution will surface leading to a higher per capita, learned the community to develop admirable ‘conscience factor’. If ‘Hunger for food’ is addressed with a satisfactory solution – the public conscience will become answerable and responsible; and common man’s intellect will no longer be clouded by inefficiency! In essence, this will lead to public awakening I am referring to. Such an awakened public will deliver a near-perfect society, a developed country!! And that is the End we wish to See!


About Raman Ramamurthy

I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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