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‘Kadal’ – A better movie from Mani Ratnam !


The stars of the film are Arvind Swamy (as Priest Father Sam Fernando) and Arjun (as the Evil doer or Satan called as Berman), who have given splendid performances. Gautham Karthik – son of yester year tamil film actor Karthik, makes a debut in this movie. He has got a good launchpad because of Mani Ratnam’s unique philosophy, cinematography and wonderful music. He has done well in this debut role. His young look with innocent face and the few fight stunts are good to watch. In addition, the heroine is Beatrice (played by Thulasi Nair, daughter of yester year actress Radha). If you recollect, chocolate faced Karthik and Radha were introduced as a romantic pair in the tamil hit ‘Allaigal Oyevudu ellai’ about 30 years ago.

This movie is all about good versus evil. It is a war between two characters played by Arvind Swamy and Arjun, who have contradicting thoughts and beliefs and ultimately as ever, the good prevails over evil. The story begins with Berman challenging Sam Fernando of teaching him a lesson, after the latter was asked to leave from a spiritual institution for committing a mistake. Sam Fernando turns into a priest and comes to a fishing hamlet to revive a church, which is in dilapidated state. He comes to this place where people have least respect towards the religion and God. He gradually wins the trust of the people. Here, he meets the kid Thomas (Gautam Karthik) who is a orphan despite having a father and is astray. Father Sam nurtures him well and lends him a supporting prop as a friend, philosopher and Guide.

The Movie is not a love story between Gautam Karthik and Thulasi Nair, as expected by all. Romance is not the main theme of the movie. I enjoyed the second part much better and feel Gautam karthik is a promising actor with a good screen presence.

Go and watch the movie, if you like a theme movie.


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