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Rahul : ‘I want to empower each MP in the Parliament !’


The 42-year-old ‘Congress party’ Vice President Rahul Gandhi told the MPs in no uncertain terms that the organisation was his priority and he was preparing for a long haul.

I quote from the Hindustan Times, ‘Today I see how MPs feel without power and it is the same story in all the parties, be it Congress or BJP. I want to empower the 720-odd MPs in Parliament. “I want to give voice to the middle tier…empower the middle-level leaders. There are some parties in India which are run by one leader (BSP), two leaders (SP), five to six leaders (BJP) and 15 to 20 leaders (Congress). My priority is that I want to empower the MPs as also the 5,000-odd legislators in various states,’ Rahul said.

In a country like India, where each political party leader is plotting and trying to be the next Prime Minister of India – Rahul Gandhi is absolutely different from them. Time and again, leadership has been thrust on him through public announcement and meetings by the despairing MPs who want to remain in power with Congress party getting re-elected. I feel, Rahul Gandhi is not being evasive or being diffident to take up higher responsibilities. Rightly, he realizes well that he cannot bring about any political change on his own, without the contribution of his party MPs located in different states and corners of the country. Need of the hour – The Congress party needs to be strengthened at the grass-root level. Coalition politics came into fray or existence with largest party (Congress) getting weakened at the grass-root level during last three decades or more. Of course, during this period of 35-40 years, regional politics has given birth to a federal structure in Indian Politics. Regional leaders have become the vote gathering machines and have become rightly charismatic to sway the emotion of voters. Inter-state competition has risen to considerable level to bring economic growth and development through FDI and Indian industry within their states.

I feel the concept of empowering each MP is the right move. High-command culture has to give away, in order to develop leadership skills at all levels and among all party-workers in Indian Politics. Education and public probity should be insisted upon, while selecting party-workers and poll candidates for the forth-coming Lok Sabha elections in 2014. In fact, there should be a sincere effort to enthuse the prominent well-respected social personalities to join Indian Politics in order to bring about the change the country needs to realize her potential.

Lok Pal bill/ Act has to be implemented constitutionally to give an opportunity and voice to the illiterate public masses to raise queries and highlight their requirements in a public forum without any fear. This is very much possible ! The ‘Right to Information (RTI)’ Act has been implemented and it has led to significant raise in the number of public interest litigation (PIL) filed to seek justice. So, lets agree that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The path may be long and arduous, but the destination is visible and within the reach of the common man in India, if he or she makes an effort to get there.


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I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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