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Physical exhaustion caused by a tired brain ?


The human body and the brain are very well connected. That’s like an in-built mechanism to take care of the restricted resources within us. Did you know that hormone Serotonin levels go up when we exercise physically ? And serotonin levels also ‘brake’ the physical body to prevent from over-exercising ??

‘Physical exhaustion can occur when the brain — as well as the muscles — grows tired according to a study that sheds fresh light on the role played by the mind in determining endurance levels. Scientists have found that a key neurotransmitter in the brain, which controls signalling between nerve cells, can determine whether someone feels exhausted following physical exercise. Although levels of serotonin rise during exercise, which provides a psychological boost and “feel-good ” factor, it can also result in a widespread central fatigue that ultimately leads to someone feeling exhausted and unable to carry on, scientists found.

“We can now see it is actually a surplus of serotonin that triggers a braking mechanism in the brain. In other words, serotonin functions as an accelerator but also as a brake when the strain becomes excessive,” said Professor Perrier, whose study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “The discovery brings us a step closer to finding ways of controlling serotonin. In other words, whether it will have an activating effect or trigger central fatigue. It is all about selectively activating the receptors which serotonin attaches to,” Professor Perrier said.’ (Source: THE INDEPENDENT, UK)

Do not over-stretch yourself while lifting heavy weights, swimming or jogging. And do not feel de-moralized if your body gets exhausted. It is just an in-built mechanism to take better care of you !!


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