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Easter Sunday / Resurrection Meeting at the Bethany Hospital !


( Picture above – The Garden Tomb (also known as Gordon’s Calvary) located in Jerusalem – outside the city walls and close to the Damascus Gate – is a rock-cut tomb considered by some to be the site of the burial and resurrection of Jesus.)

Yesterday, March 31, 2013 evening, at the Easter Sunday/ Resurrection meeting (6.30 PM) at the Bethany hospital (Thane), I learned about ‘the Garden Tomb’ located in Jerusalem. This meeting is generally attended by a section of people having belief in different faiths and not by only those who believe that the sole savior of mankind is Jesus Christ. I have attended such ‘fellowship’ meetings earlier too. I have attended christian fellowship meetings at the University Heights Baptist Church (UHBC) at stillwater, Oklahoma, while I was studying in the United states and also while I was working in Alkhobar (Saudi Arabia), Salalah & Muscat (Oman), Chennai city etc.

I did not know about the Garden Tomb until yesterday. After his crucifixion, Lord Jesus Christ was buried here; but within a short while, his body disappeared and the tomb was empty for it is believed that Jesus had risen. Though the holy spirit of Jesus lives on, even till today.

door sign-garden-tomb

(Picture above – the Door Sign of ‘The Garden Tomb’)

As usual, I met with Dr Stephen Alfred – the owner and caretaker of Bethany Trust running the Bethany Hospital located in Thane. This time, in addition, I met also his wife Claire and his sons Benjamin and Joshua. There is something striking about Dr Stephen Alfred – he is always calm and quiet, in a way restoring the faith placed on him by his patients, friends and relatives.

I met with another member, Joshua with his family ( along with his wife Roshni, their daughter and his mother) at the resurrection meeting. The mass service was of 30 minutes ; but prior to the start of service, we sang several carol songs (in Hindi ) along with a simple orchestra playing in the background. We discussed about Jesus, his life, his trial and the crucifixion followed by more discussion on the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ on the Easter Sunday.

WATCH the Program LIVE by clicking here – Easter Sunrise Service @ Garden Tomb


About Raman Ramamurthy

I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


One thought on “Easter Sunday / Resurrection Meeting at the Bethany Hospital !

  1. Raman Ramamurthy nice write up. Yes all Christians, which ever denomination, believe that Christ was born as one of us (Christmas) died on the cross (Good Friday) and on the third day rose from the dead (Resurrection). It is a symbol of life after death. I am of the Catholic or Roman Catholic denomination where the Mother of Christ is revered and praised, as she was chosen by God to bear a child Christ and there lies the story of Christianity. For without Christ there would be no Christianity. I have not been to the Holy Land, perhaps, sooner than later will make this happen, love to see the path where Jesus lived and died.


    Posted by patricia | April 6, 2014, 11:50 am

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