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There is sickness in the Indian Society !


India as a country has not developed (morally)- largely due to the ‘perennial’ problem of ‘lack of education’ and rising joblessness as a result of the employ-ability issue. There are many job vacancies that are lying vacant, not filled up by the capable or even the employable.

It is distressing to read the morning newspapers’ headlines or even hear of the growing incidence of ‘rape of minors/ girls/ women’ in the country – that are coming from the mofusil, semi-urban and metro areas. One of the female tourists got raped while she was cycling in a secluded area of the interior parts of Madhya Pradesh. In fact, another female tourist preferred to jump out of the window in her room at the hotel she was staying, to avoid getting molested by the hotel staff. After learning about a recent incident of a 5-year old girl child getting raped in Delhi, I do not have the ability to read such ‘horrible news’ any longer. I have stopped reading the news articles on rape, because it is distressing and I cannot do anything to stop it.

When rising ‘un-employment figure’ spirals out of control ; coupled with rising inflation and absolutely poor administration by the elected government – ‘sickness’ sets in the society due to helplessness faced by the youth. They do not know what to do ! They get frustrated and lack a sense of direction to govern their thought process and behavior. Evil sets in the minds of such youth. This is not necessarily true only among the poorer section. I find that, even the affluent youth are falling sick – raping housewives, minors, illiterate, needy and so many other ‘vulnerable’ women who have to step out of their homes to work and earn for their livelihood. These ‘animal-like’ perpetrators of evil ‘rape’ acts cannot ever satisfy their un-ending needs of lust and/ or patriarchy. This has to end RIGHT NOW to safeguard the noble interests of having a society in the first place. ‘Sex Taboo’ is another problem in India. Let me tell you that, the more you taboo something, more will be the number of violations. The social mind-set has to change !

Government is responsible for whatever happens while they are in the office to govern those who have placed their trust on them and brought them to the seats of power they occupy. But, besides the government, we are equally responsible if not more, for whatever we are being exploited for. It is ‘we’ who elect them or ‘allow them’ to be elected ( because we do not vote against them ! ) who become MLAs, MPs and Ministers ! It is our responsibility to get what is expected out of those who are elected by us.

Education can solve most of these problems. Education will create more ’employable’ youth ; develop more career options to enable wholesome development of the society ; it will ensure that less among the youth and children will go hungry every day and create many other positive steps to lead our country to become a developed one in every manner. I am not talking about only financial ‘economic’ development. Morality is required in one’s life more than anything else, in order to not fall sick. Education should develop the minds of our country’s youth to do what is morally right.


About Raman Ramamurthy

I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.



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