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Should the ‘United States of America’ attack Syria ?


‘On 21 August 2013, hundreds, perhaps over a thousand, people were killed in a chemical weapon attack in Ghouta, Damascus, prompting the US, UK, Israel and France to raise the spectre of military strikes against Bashir al Assad’s forces. The latest episode is merely one more horrific event in a conflict that has increasingly taken on genocidal characteristics. The case for action at first glance is indisputable. The UN now confirms a death toll over 100,000 people, the vast majority of whom have been killed by Assad’s troops. An estimated 4.5 million people have been displaced from their homes. International observers have overwhelmingly confirmed Assad’s complicity in the preponderance of war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Syrian people. The illegitimacy of his regime, and the legitimacy of the uprising, is clear. Experts are unanimous that the shocking footage of civilians, including children, suffering the effects of some sort of chemical attack, is real – but remain divided on whether it involved military-grade chemical weapons associated with Assad’s arsenal, or were a more amateur concoction potentially linked to the rebels.’ – (excerpt from the blog article published in the ‘Guardian’ newspaper : ‘Syria intervention plan fueled by oil interests, not chemical weapon concern !’)

The binding issue and genuine concern is : What is the real motive behind all the ‘United States-led’ Military interventions or Attacks on these ‘Oil rich’ dictatorship-led or monarchy-ruled countries ? Are these Arab countries actually ready for democratic rule as yet ? Will an attack on Syria affect the world Oil price indices again ? Who is supplying the ‘Weapons of Mass destruction’to these dictatorship-led countries ? Will the third-world countries continue to stay affected by the far-reaching self-serving foreign policy of the First world (read: United States, in particular) ? Is it only the ‘Might is Right’ always ? Will there be a fair and justice-driven solution to these international but ‘internal’ civic strife ? Will the United Nations be non-biased through its judgment while playing its prescribed role ? Will the US only be a protector (of human rights) and not turn to being a predator ?


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I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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