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Does Syria have Chemical weapons ? If yes, How to get rid of them ?

(Picture courtesy: NY Times : US Secretary of State, John Kerry, arrives in Geneva today for talks on Syria )

‘The Obama administration is pressing for a “self-enforcing” resolution in the United Nations that would authorize military action if President Bashar al-Assad of Syria balked at turning over his nation’s huge chemical stockpiles. But the Russians want a nonbinding statement and say the United States has to withdraw the threat of force. Mr. Obama said in a speech to the nation on Tuesday that naval forces would remain in the region in case Mr. Assad backed away from a vaguely worded commitment to cooperate…’ ( Excerpt from NY Times article : ‘U.S. and Russia Far Apart as Kerry Arrives in Geneva for Syria Talks’ Sept 12, 2013)

It was the year 2002. The United States had troops on the ground in Afghanistan and Americans, still reeling from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, were being told of a new threat: SADDAM HUSSEIN – the tyrannical leader of Iraq. The administration of President George Bush was eager to invade Iraq and unseat Hussein, and in making its case cited several reasons. George Bush even publicly said,’Saddam Hussein tried to kill my Dad in the 8 years long Iran-Iraq Gulf war ! I am gonna GET HIM !’ Eventually, the Bush administration imposed its self-opinionated view on the UN and the world that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) and was a real threat and could use them in the Middle East region and even against the ‘most secure’ United States. Congress gave Bush authorization to attack Iraq in October 2002, and in the month of March 2003 the United States invaded Iraq. Yes, Saddam Hussein eventually was captured but no WMDs were found and promises of a short war and military occupation just evaporated as United States troops remained there until December 2011. Many Oil contracts were signed to explore more Oil and most of the companies who bagged these contracts were from the self proclaimed ‘civilized’ first world. While many Arab civilians were maimed for lifetime or small children turned to being orphans or got killed in the War. World oil prices shot up again.

Yes, a United Nations report says both sides (the Syrian regime and the rebel fighters ) in the Syrian conflict are committing war crimes which are crimes against humanity in principle. None of the perpetrators, the report further states .. fear any accountability for their crimes. This international problem needs effective UN intervention and not any War against Syria. But, has the United Nations ever been able to stop Wars ? Who supplies the massive loads of Chemical weapons to these dictator-ruled countries in the Middle East ? Who supplies the other weapons used in the war to these countries ? Why is there a war in the Middle East all the time ? Why don’t we find out these ?


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