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Terrorists kill innocent people (39) at Westgate Mall, Nairobi, Kenya !

People with children run for safety as armed police hunt gunmen who went on a shooting spree at Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi

‘Kenyan security forces are locked in a standoff on Sunday (today) with gunmen who killed at least 39 people in an assault, at an upmarket shopping mall in Nairobi, where the Al Qaeda-linked militants were holding an unknown number of hostages. The Somali Islamist group ‘Al Shabaab’ claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack on the Kenyan capital’s Westgate mall, which is frequented by Westerners as well as Kenyans. Several foreigners, including a Canadian diplomat, were among the dead.'( News Source: Reuters)

Armed gunmen faced off with Kenyan police and soldiers inside the upscale Nairobi shopping mall even on early Sunday, hours after brazenly gunning down shoppers, diners and more.

Al-Shabaab’s Twitter outlet posted messages, among them some read:

– “The attacks are just retribution for the lives of innocent Muslims shelled by Kenyan jets in Lower Jubba and in refugee camps;”
– “What Kenyans are witnessing at #Westgate is retributive justice for crimes committed by their military, albeit largely miniscule in nature;”
– “Since our last contact, the Mujahideen inside the mall confirmed to @HSM_Press that they killed over 100 Kenyan kuffar & battle is ongoing;”
– “For long we have waged war against the Kenyans in our land, now it’s time to shift the battleground and take the war to their land;”
– “The attack at #WestgateMall is just a very tiny fraction of what Muslims in Somalia experience at the hands of Kenyan invaders”
– “The Kenyan government, however, turned a deaf ear to our repeated warnings and continued to massacre innocent Muslims in Somalia.”

Oh ! This is really an appalling and shameful act ! Transnational terrorism cannot solve any issue ; rather, it only escalates the matter on hand to dangerous proportions between opposing camps concerned. These lives lost were innocent ones, quite similar to those lost during the 26/11 attack at the CST Terminus train station, TajMahal Hotel and the Trident (Oberoi) Hotel in Mumbai in the year 2008. Innocent lives are lost, when respective governments fail to act on time pro-actively. Two Indians, including an 8-year-old boy, were among 39 people killed.


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