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Westgate Shopping Mall (Nairobi) still under the siege of terrorists !


“A series of loud explosions and heavy gunfire was heard at Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall today as black smoke billowed from the complex, an AFP correspondent at the scene said. The mall has been under siege by Al Qaeda-linked Somali gunmen since Saturday, Sept 21, 2013. As the stand-off entered its third day, sustained bursts of rapid gunfire broke out at dawn, and soldiers posted around the complex ducked for cover. This was followed by three big explosions and more sporadic weapons fire, AFP correspondents at the scene said. The Kenyan army said it had secured most of the upmarket, part Israeli-owned complex, while a security source said a final assault was underway against the Al Qaeda-linked Somali Al-Shabab rebels, believed to be pinned down in a part of the mall are using hostages as human shields.

In an address to the nation on Sunday, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta vowed ‘the attackers will not get away with their despicable and beastly acts. We will punish the masterminds swiftly, and indeed very painfully,’ revealing that his family member – a nephew and his fiancee – were among the dead.” ( Source: Hindustan Times, Dt Sept 23, 2013)

Photographs taken by Tyler Hicks, Staff photographer of New York Times- ‘Witness to a Massacre in a Nairobi Mall’

This appears to be same modes operation adopted – as it happened at the Taj Hotel during Mumbai 26/11 attack in the year 2008. Sad to note, the terrorists gain knowledge from high-tech televised terror attacks that are being broadcast by the media across the world. But, I can understand that .. the Media is just doing their job well. That’s about it. The only option or a seemingly viable solution is to escalate the efficiency levels of the Intelligence bureau in the vulnerable cities/ countries, so that pro-active steps are taken by the respective governments, to stop such human massacre. Though, I agree, it is easier said than actually done !


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