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Both Iran and the United States’ Presidents speak at the UN !

(Iran President, Hassan Rouhani delivering his speech at the UN General Assembly, Sept 24, 2013 – picture courtesy: Telegraph)

I quote, ‘In what may have been the most widely awaited speech at the United Nations, Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, preached tolerance and understanding on Tuesday, decried as a form of violence the Western sanctions imposed on his country and said nuclear weapons had no place in its future. Mr. Rouhani, whose speech followed President Obama’s by more than six hours, also acknowledged Mr. Obama’s outreach to Iran aimed at resolving more than three decades of estrangement and recrimination, and expressed hope that “we can arrive at a framework to manage our differences.” But the Iranian leader also asserted that the “shortsighted interests of warmongering pressure groups” in the United States had resulted in an inconsistent American message on the nuclear dispute and other issues.’ (Source: New York Times, Dt Sept 24, 2013)

I also heard President Barack Obama speaking to the UN General Assembly. President Barack Obama defended his actions by justifying .. US cannot turn inwards and overlook at the dangerous developments in the Middle East. Whether it may be pertaining to the ‘Palestine problem (with Israel)’ or the recent ‘Chemical weapons usage’ on innocent civilians of Syria. I am quite convinced that there could be a leadership vacuum in the Middle East, if US chooses to dis-engage itself from these Middle East regional issues. But, we are aware that it is not only ‘leadership vacuum’ as a result of any dis-engagement of US. There are national security and economic interests of US liked to its actions in the Middle East region.

In their speeches, both the leaders balanced their ideals as statesmen with their imperatives as politicians. In my opinion – let’s keep politics aside – instead, let us look at ways to ensure a much greater role of the United Nations in the Middle East to stop the civic strife. In fact, I implore the United Nations to not remain as a silent spectator of the events in the Middle East, resulting in the loss of several lives including those of children and women. Despite a war-weary public and its declining need of oil from the Middle East, the United States continues to be an ‘active’ player in the region defending its own interests (economic or others) and advocating for democratic principles where it is not possible to do so. Now, this would actually mean and conclude .. US is preparing for a long haul to bring about peace and establishing democracy in the Middle East countries, when these countries are not ready for democracy as yet.


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