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‘GRAND MASTI’ – poor attempt at making a sex comedy movie !

Grand_Masti _review

Three married guys — Meet (Vivek Oberoi), Prem (Aftab Shivdasani) and Amar (Riteish Deshmukh) decide to attend their college reunion, only to be trapped in a dangerous situation apparently.

The college reunion gets them together; but, they fervently hope this would be their chance to chase skirts and their fantasies. On campus, the men reunite with an over-sexed teacher, Rose ( Maryam Zakaria), a vacuous (empty headed) brunette, Mary ( Bruna Abdullah) and Marlow (Kainaat Arora) – whose names, when pronounced together beat most expletives. Riteish, Vivek and Aftab are comfortable in their roles and even manage to say some of the most terrible things with a poker face. The girls are not really required to act. The wives are shown to be particularly dumb and the temptresses with blank expressions and ample cleavage make the impact they are required to.

Not a good attempt at making a sex-comedy movie ! Still, the movie is expected to rake in INR 100 crores at the box-office soon ! You can decide yourself – whether you want to ‘Miss it or Watch it’ ! And, let me add this – and, Hey ! This is really funny ! Chk out this link ! A YOUTH DIES IN VASAI (MUMBAI) BECAUSE OF ‘GRAND MASTI’ LAUGHTER !! 🙂


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