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Will Iran stay internationally isolated any more ?


I quote Fareed Zakaria from his article, ‘I came away willing to believe that Rouhani is a pragmatist. (“Moderate” is a misleading term for the head of a quasi-theocratic regime.) He wants to end his country’s isolation. But it remains unclear whether he has the authority to act on behalf of his government. Consider what happened Tuesday, when the Iranians turned down a White House offer of a brief meeting with President Obama. Rouhani explained that he had no problem “in principle” with the handshake but said that this was a “sensitive issue” and that it would have been the first such meeting in 35 years, so steps have to be taken with proper preparation. One has to wonder: If Rouhani does not have the freedom to shake Obama’s hand, does he have the freedom to negotiate a nuclear deal?’ ( Excerpt from : ‘Can Rouhani or Obama deliver on any deal?’, – Washington Post Dt Sept 25, 2013)

This post briefly addresses the economic, trade, scientific and military sanctions against Iran, which have been imposed by the U.S. government, or under U.S. pressure by the international community through the United Nations Security Council. Currently the sanctions include an embargo on dealings with Iran by the United States, and a ban on selling aircraft and repair parts to Iranian aviation companies.

Now, What is that different .. the new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is aiming to achieve ? Since 1979, there is not much of any ‘foreign’ trade or any other relations of Iran with the outside world. Possibly, no one in Iran or outside of Iran has tried to correct the situation either. Now, new Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, is trying to do so. He has ‘visibly’ taken a soft stance against the US and the United Nations, and spoken his mind loud and clear in the UN General Assembly few days ago, stating clearly that his intention is to answer the call of his people to end the international sanctions against their country. US President Obama has acknowledged the same and lent a helping hand, by offering a face-to-face meeting with him. Though a face-to-face meeting did not happen, there was some progress made after a 15 minute telephone conversation between both the Presidents ensued better co-operation on either sides. In reply, Hassan Rouhani has assured the world outside of Iran (through his speech in the UN General Assembly) that the nuclear program of Iran will be only for peaceful purposes, making an attempt to remove the ‘Iranophobia’ of everyone involved as well as concerned.


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