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Now revealed – the fallacy behind Weight loss programs !


Doctors say that obesity, a problem increasingly consuming present-day society and leading to a host of other health complications, needs to be approached more holistically, right from prevention mechanisms targeting children. “Barring a few programmes that are scientific in nature, most weight loss programmes are absolutely ineffective,” Deep Goel, director of the department of GI Oncology and Bariatric Surgery at B.L. Kapoor hospital, said.

In a country where obesity is becoming a mammoth issue, and in turn invites the burden of other problems like cardiovascular disease, kidney problem, high blood pressure, diabetes, even cancer, such weight loss programmes are luring people with new gadgets and diet schedules.

“But truth be told, most of these programmes harbour misconceptions. Liposuction, for instance, is not a weight loss procedure but a conturing procedure. This means that you lose fat in minimal inches – say from 36 inches to 34 inches – but gain it back in three-four months. Starving and crash diets are also ineffective, so are your sauna belts, and many so-called herbal medicines have diuretics which makes you urinate often and lose water, and thus weight, which comes right back after some time,” said Goel.

(Excerpt from : ‘Fat ain’t fit: Obesity a health hazard’ Times of India, Dt Oct 25, 2013 )


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