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‘2 States’ – ‘TamBrahm’ Girl and ‘Punjabi’ Boy fall in love! (Movie Review)

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Pretty TamBrahm ‘Ponnu’ (Girl) plus Hatta-Katta Punjabi ‘Munda'(Boy) equals to a ideal match Made in heaven .. isn’t it right? If you go by ‘2 States’ movie .. yes it is .. but getting these two lovers married is a long and arduous process. The film sets out to be a solid, emotionally satisfying rom com in the first half the movie and goes well for a bit. But, in the second half, it turns into being a too-stretched-out ‘jhagda (fight)’ between the two sets of North-South Indian parents and consequent misunderstanding etc.

Do you remember the movie .. ‘Ek Duuje Ki Liya’ (1982) starring Kamal Hasan and Rati Agnihotri? The only difference here is .. this movie is quite modern and yuppy with bountiful kissing scenes, hugging, conjugation and liberal sexual banter (though banter is restricted to only light-hearted romance).

Krish Malhotra (Arjun Kapoor) and Ananya Swaminathan (Alia Bhatt) meet at IIM Ahmedabad and fall in love. It takes a while to reach the state where they want marriage, and that is all looks good. This part of the film is light and frothy, with both Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt rubbing off each other, and managing to generate some electricity while they tumble in and out of the bed, IIM class room and graduating day ceremonies etc.

It’s the ‘meet–the-parents’ part of the movie, that is based on Chetan Bhagat’s autobiographical novel of the same name, that becomes too much: just why are parents in this day and age so fiercely opposed to the union of ‘chicken’ and ‘sambhar’? or for that matter .. any other inter-community marriage?

Mr Malhotra (Ronit Roy) drinks profusely and is ‘not too happy’ a man. Mrs Malhotra (Amrita Singh) feels that Ananya has ‘phansaaoed’ their ‘gora chitta’ son. The truth is that Ananya Swaminathan is more ‘gori’ than their son and holds down an equally well-paying job. The Swaminathans (Shiv Subramaniam and Revathy) live in Mylapore of Chennai: they are grumpy and unfriendly, he drinks filter coffee .. refuses to smile while she wears Kanjeevaram saree all the time (at home) and aims to be a singer performing on the stage. But, they come around to Krish faster than his parents come around Ananya.

Alia Bhatt looks fresh, natural, intelligent and well-articulate while Arjun Kapoor is admirably extempore, easy-going and comes across as friendly boy living next door. Well .. that is how the Author Chetan Bhagat is in real life too. I have read his novel ‘Five Point Someone’ out of sheer curiosity and later, I have been reading his column on the TOI Sunday edition quite regularly. He is quite unconventional, rebellious and has his own mind. He is a natural writer and successful novelist.

I enjoyed watching the movie along with my wife at a theater located close-by! Suggest, Go for it .. its a light-hearted and entertaining family movie worth the while.


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