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What I expect from the new elected Government?


‘Whoever becomes the Prime Minister will be the Prime Minister for every citizen, every resident and every visitor of India. The new PM will have to heal the secular rupture that has taken place. No country can make stellar economic progress unless there is peace at its borders and harmony within. Therefore, the first duty of the new PM will be to create an environment where every dialogue, including those with our neighbors, is on a platform of civility, courtesy, harmony and facts. This is the only way to enthuse and energize Indians of all religious beliefs, political ideologies and social status.’ .. writes Mr N R Narayanamurthy, Chairman of Infosys Corporation in his write-up on ‘Economic Times’ newspaper today.

Further, he writes ..’Good governance rests on seven important attributes: equity, fairness, transparency, accountability, honesty, secularism and a robust, consistent and responsive legal system. Most public governance experts tell me that we have seen the steepest fall in these attributes during the last five years. Therefore, the first task for the new PM is to restore these attributes at least to the level they were during the 1990s. If we want to raise the hope and confidence of the Indian youth, we have to create jobs for them — jobs with good disposable income. We have to create 150-200 million jobs during the coming decade. The only way we can spend more on social welfare programmes is by collecting more taxes that come from growth in corporate activities.’

These are the same points that come to my mind too, when I think about our country post the elections 2014. I agree with Mr Narayanamurthy and this is what I expect from the new elected government. The solution does not lie in being only a fault-finder and highlighting what the electoral opponent lacks or what he has not done as he had promised earlier! My real concern is whether the current (which is bad) situation will be corrected as soon as possible. Will the next PM take complete charge of the current situation and make necessary remedy, finalize and mainly implement his plans or the vision for building a better India.

The developed world is looking up to the developing countries for their growth and their own future .. and India is an important ‘developing country’ for building the future of the world. India is a country with more than 1.3 billion people, where even today, 60% people live in the villages that are not so developed as yet. There are current ‘burning’ issues pertaining to infrastructure/ roads, lack of good higher education within, rampant corruption in government/ public administration, lack of able or right governance in the country, less of woman participation in our country’s development, and crowding of too many political parties which is more skewed to serve the personal interests of politicians and not the values which will help speedy development of our country.

Will there be an actual swaraj or self-governance in the coming years? Will the electorate participate in the daily affairs of our country’s development or just remain to be indifferent? Will the women take better care of their self interests and personal ambitions in the right perspective? Will the incoming PM be accountable to each citizen of our country irrespective of caste, color or religion? Will we have the right foreign policy to take advantage of the better technology and global finances? Will there be more peace and less violence in the coming years? Will there be a situation that will emphasize better law and order?

After the Elections 2014 results, will our country become a better place to live in?


About Raman Ramamurthy

I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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