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IMPLEMENTATION .. what should Narendra Modi focus on?


India’s prime minister-to-be Narendra Modi was huddled in discussions with close aides and advisers on Sunday, 18th May, 2014, finalizing the names of people to join his cabinet and grappling with the crucial decision of who will be his finance minister. One of his most important decisions will be whether to name front-runner Arun Jaitley to the finance minister’s post. Mr Jaitley is eminently suited, but he was defeated in his race for a parliamentary seat and that is a minus point.

Narendra Modi called himself as the ‘Mazdoor No.1’ .. that means he is toiler at the best. Nothing wrong about being one too. I am sure if he toils hard .. he will set an example worth emulating by his admirers and followers. I have some observations to make:

1. He should appoint a ‘A grade’ team in the PM’s office ..just as he did for his election campaign to win the General elections. There should be no room for ‘yes men’and sycophants. He should ‘pick and choose’ his team members so that he can draw benefits from well-proven veterans in government administration, goal implementation etc. He has done this in the Gujarat state and I am sure he will repeat the same in letter and spirit at the center too.

2. Education system should be job-centric and vocation based .. especially in the rural areas of India. MGNREGA despite being a good initiative .. is not successful as yet due to lack of implementation during the UPA rule. Planning is one thing and implementing the plans is another altogether.

3. When we develop sycophancy, we create a dearth of talent unknowingly. That is what happened during the Congress party-lead UPA government’s rule! That leads to sheer waste of talent which is available with us. We need to promote ‘independent thinking’ among our followers so that the collective effort is far greater than individual gains of each follower. We need to sacrifice and shed away personal issues to accommodate valued based politics. Let’s hire the best workers and pay them best, keeping in mind their contributions in our right earnest.

4. Chief Ministers of respective states should be made ‘partners of progress’ so that the implementation of center’s plans are on time and complete. No favoritism should be done other than meeting the need of deserving citizens on time. Delay in countrywide development should not be tolerated just to favor vote-bank political gains. Land acquisition bill is already in place and our democratic principles do not deprive the deserving occupants while compensating them. We need to plug all the loop-holes so that there is no room for rampant corruption and/or favoritism.

5. Basic utility services ..such as Electricity and Water supply .. should be treated as ‘Essential Services’ and be legally governed to prevent the private sector from taking undue advantage by hoarding or increasing the prices etc. If this is not checked, I am sure there will be another instance of voters’ wrath like it happened now. There is a popular saying .. “you can fool some people all the time, you can fool all the people for some time .. but, you cannot fool all the people all the time!’

6. Security of the country should be beefed up to prevent and instantly punish the intruders at the borders of our country. This requirement is critical and cannot be postponed or ignored.

7. Foreign policy of our country should encourage deployment of maximum foreign funds and employ advanced technocrats living in our country. This will lead to more creation of jobs in untapped sectors as well as in more villages in particular. India primarily lives in villages. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) should be encouraged in projects that will develop our rural areas/ villages. ‘Infrastructure and Roads’ is an area I can instantly think of, where FDI will be much useful for India’s development.


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I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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