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‘Finding Fanny’ – tells you that .. your time is NOW NOW NOW!! – Movie Review


“Set in a picturesque and fictional town called Pocolim, Finding Fanny traces the journey of five peculiar and endearing Goans on their quest to — as the name suggests — find Fanny. While the primary purpose of the road trip is to track down Ferdinand’s (Naseeruddin Shah) long-lost love Stephanie Fernandes or as he likes to call her Fanny, there are other incentives that lure the rest of the entourage which includes a picture-perfect girl-next-door Angie (Deepika Padukone) who lost her husband five minutes into the marriage, her well-rounded (pun totally intended) mother-in-law Roslyn played by Dimple Kapadia, a passionate painter constantly in search of a female muse, Pedro (Pankaj Kapur) and a morose young man, Savio (Arjun Kapoor). Hence, five characters that would have otherwise never found themselves voluntarily under the same roof are cramped into a vintage and rickety sedan.” ( Source: Deccan Chronicle)

What I liked about the movie — it is an off-beat movie but quirky to generate interest in keen movie-goer. When you enter the theater, do not expect to see a bollywood formula movie. Because it is not one! But, if you are looking like .. what is this story all about? .. you will find it interesting. Just join the team of five Goan based characters and be open minded and receptive .. to understand the conversations, little nuances, choices and weaknesses as well as the strengths of each one in the team. Watch .. Naseer’s enthusiasm as he prepares to greet Fanny like a 16-year-old boy on his way to pick up his prom date. Pankaj Kapur, exhibiting the eccentricities of a painter possessed by his muse has some of the best dialogues as he tries to entice Roslyn — like for eg., when he dares her dead husband to watch him charm her — “After all, why should he be the only one getting a taste of heaven,” he says. This line really makes you laugh!

Dimple Kapadia too, in keeping with the Goan stereotype .. plays a woman with a zest for life, pet cats, frilly skirts and brandy. However, she does not overestimate her appetite for alcohol because as she says, it affects her legs, causing them to spread apart. Many viewers would not get or appreciate this kind of humour and may feel utterly awkward. Deepika Padukone has carved out a significant place of her own through this film .. firstly being a good narrator of the full story, then later .. with her unconventional and bold approach towards Savio .. after making love to him as well as carrying the look of a like-able next-door neighbor through the film. Finally, the movie script offers strong yet fleeting answers to some of life’s existential questions.

Definitely, it tells you that (through a song that is sung in the background).. your time is NOW NOW NOW!! It coaxes you to live your life well .. despite the difficulties you encounter in your life. Go .. WATCH IT!


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I am a Management consultant, an avid reader, play Lawn tennis in my leisure time and love Music. Presently, I am settled in India along with my wife and my son.


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