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“We did not fight back!” – World Cup Semi-Finals’ against Australia!

semifinals(Semi Finals: India Vs Australia, 26 March, WC 2015)

So what went wrong?

Indian captain MS Dhoni had the answer. “Over 300 is always a difficult score, I felt it [328] was just over par”. He then went on to explain exactly why. “Shikhar [Dhawan]’s dismissal was slightly on the softer side, at a time when we could have had the bowling under pressure. Didn’t really need to play a big shot. But you get pressure chasing 300-plus, [it] makes you do things you don’t want to do.”

In my opinion, Shikhar Dhawan played absolutely well and was about take the lead in winning the match from Australians. Possibly, a veteran batsman like Sunil Gavaskar would have held on to the crease longer, before hitting out like that. Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma proved right at the start that they were in control of the game, with their 76-run stand in 12.4 overs before the splutter could be heard. A lofty hit by Shikhar Dhawan on the ON side .. and that led to a easy catch by the Australian fielder!

Virat Kohli was absolutely vague and irresponsible by trying a ‘hook’ out of the bouncer bowled at him. Instead, he could have ducked and let the ball go. Even at this stage, there was no pressure on Indians and the match could have been won .. if Virat Kohli had played more responsibly and totalled at least 60-70 runs as his individual score. Losing Virat Kohli at the cease, led to more pressure on Rohit Sharma’s shoulders and he buckled too.

And, Australian batsmen could not be contained either .. due to the wrong decision by captain MSDhoni to ask Virat Kohli to bowl before Ashwin could do. Ashwin is a better bowler to contain the score of the opponent team. Mohammed Hashmi bowled well too.

And yes, the toss should have gone our way. As Richie Benaud once put it wryly, “The hallmark of a great captain is the ability to win the toss at the right time.”

I am too disappointed to laugh at the joke of Richie Benaud. I am sure MSD is going to work on his coin-toss calls once he’s back home.


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