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Why Hillary Clinton may be the next President of United States of America?

hillary clinton 2016

‘ Eight years ago, Hillary Clinton entered the White House race as the favorite to win the Democratic nomination and seemed the most likely person from either party to be elected president.

Her circumstances at first glance look similar today: she is the leading Democrat and the most famous candidate in the field. But this time is much different. Hillary Clinton begins the race with a much, much larger advantage than in 2008 against other Democrats in the primary, but it may be harder for her to win the general election in 2016 than it would have been back then.

In terms of the primary, Clinton is right now the strongest non-incumbent candidate from either party since then-Vice President Al Gore ran in 2000. Dozens of members of Congress have already endorsed Clinton, her campaign staff includes some of the most experienced strategists in the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama and his political circle have all but anointed her as his successor. The party’s donors are strongly behind Clinton as well.’

In my opinion, Hillary Clinton will have the advantage gained from what is already done by Barack Obama if she gets elected to be the next President. And, well .. 57% of the voters in the U.S. are females and that will also hopefully help Hillary to be the first female President of United States of America.

But there is opposition from within the Democrat party –

‘Seeing the consolidation around Clinton, some of the strongest potential Democratic candidates are so far not even bothering to run. There is little sign that Vice President Joe Biden or Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the two strongest potential challengers, are considering campaigns. The field of candidates who appear likely to run against Clinton lack broad or intense support in the party: former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb.

This trio is likely to attack Clinton on two issues: economic populism and national security. Sanders supports major tax increases on the wealthy and increasing Social Security benefits. It’s not clear where Clinton stands on those issues. O’Malley has called for greater restrictions on Wall Street banks, another topic where Clinton has not stated precise views recently.

Webb was an early Iraq War opponent and is more skeptical of the use of U.S. military force than Clinton has been in the past. The two could differ on how much the U.S. should do to stop ISIS and how much it should intervene in the Syrian civil war. Clinton has said Obama waited too late to support Syrian rebels.

But Clinton’s biggest challenge in the Democratic primary is a mistake that forces the party’s establishment to rethink whether she is a strong candidate for the general election. In that scenario, major party officials could tap a candidate like Warren and provide her with the kind of fundraising and grassroots support to challenge Clinton.

This is what happened in 2008, when Obama got so much support in part because of concerns from top Democrats about Clinton’s ability to win the general election.’

(Excerpt from: “Why Hillary Clinton Has Such a Strong Chance of Becoming the Next President” nbcnews.com Article)


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