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Prem Ratan Dhan Payo – ‘Only the fortunate have a family in the first place’! – Movie review


‘The retelling of The Prisoner of Zenda is as unsurprising and humdrum as it can get. MGR had done a version of the same in 1958, called Nadodi Mannan, a film that came packed with a sense of politics and a spirit of dissent and defiance. But in Barjatya’s hands, it becomes an almost three-hour-long treatise on perpetuation of familial tradition. So, you have a prince who meets with an accident a few days before his coronation and gets replaced by a lookalike commoner. Needless to say, both roles are played by Salman Khan. Almost every character is painfully goody-goody, and you know that all the members of the extended royal family—step brothers and sisters—even if they have strayed or nurse grudges against each other—will eventually come back to the fold. Even if the institution of family is questioned, it’s to eventually underline its significance. Every family has problems but they need to be resolved, says the hero Salman. And yes, villainy and conspiracies do exist, but outside this safe, secure and happy family zone. Never ever blame the family – that’s the bottom line.’ (Source: Hindu Nov 14, 2015)

In the year 1989, Salman Khan’s debut in “Maine Pyar Kiya”, a Sooraj Barjatya/ Rajshri Films movie drove the film going audience go berserk and crazy. It was a story of a young boy from a rich family falling in love with cute looking girl from a poor family. The Hero’s family has a villain within the family, who is one of the relatives/ friends of Hero’s father. The villain poisons the mind of the Hero’s father so that he can get his daughter married instead of the poor girl into the family and thereby amass all the wealth for himself. The Heroine’s father is a close friend of Hero’s father since very long. But, since the villain in the family poisons the mind of the Hero’s father .. the Friend now becomes a Foe ! So, the friend-turned-foe ‘father of the heroine’ asks the hero to prove himself to be worthy enough to marry his daughter who is poor but is a cute looking nice girl with all the best qualities that qualify her to be his wife.

The songs in the movie were extra-ordinary. Salman Khan was born as a star!! He became a heart-throb of every girl in the town. Family is very important in Indian culture. We get married into a family. We bring a bride or bride groom into our family. We do not live like others do in the western countries. We do not forego our family ties for any reason whatsoever!

‘Only the fortunate have a family in the first place’! Go, Watch the movie if you love your family!


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