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Less kissing, no swearing: James Bond gets a ‘sanskari’ makeover for Indian Cinema-goers!

This call of duty sends James Bond 007 on a chase across some of the most scenic spots in the world – from Rome’s cobbled streets to Swiss Alps to dreamy Tangier and back home to a lit-up London. As Bond blows stuff, goes on high speed chases – both on ground and in air, and even fights Dave Bautista who is built on the lines of a tank, Hoyte van Hoytema (Interstellar, Her) captures everything stunningly.

With Sam Mendes’ ‘Spectre’, you get your money’s worth in the first 15 minutes. Daniel Craig’s James Bond is incognito behind a skull mask as he joins the revellers in Mexico’s famed ‘Day of the Dead’ parade. As you ponder on the significance of the setting given Bond’s chequered history of leaving behind bodies, he enters a hotel room only to swiftly exit.

As always, Bond is pulled up for flattening up buildings in Mexico. And this time, an embattled M (Ralph Fiennes) has a special reason for being captious over 007’s methods: a young upstart C is trying to replace the double-0 programme with drones and big data, and Bond has just given him ammonition.

C’s programme makes privacy a thing of the past and the fact that he is played by Sherlock’s Moriarty (Andrew Scott) doesn’t help matters. However, by making snide comments about the “prehistoric” double-0 programme, C actually pushes us in Bond’s corner.

I found the movie to be thrilling due to the fast car chases and action; but, it does not have the usual ‘edge of seat’ suspense like in most thrillers featuring James Bond 007 novel stories. At two-and-a-half hours length, the film is far too long and the climax has been dragged beyond patience. It was as if Sam Mendes wanted to give Daniel Craig the best going-away present and didn’t know where to stop.

( source: Hindustan Times)


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