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Movie Review – Tamasha – Dream life and Real life is different!


‘People with an artistic bent in their personality are likely to identify with Ved’s (Ranbir Kapoor) character – he is mesmerised with stories and theatre, but life and its demands of making a living in accordance with his pragmatic father, take a toll on his real calling and make him forget his real self.

It is only on a holiday trip in Corsica where he meets Tara (Deepika Padukone) and his love for fun and theatre comes back to the fore. Ved and Tara have an agreement that they won’t reveal real names or anything that can trace them back to their lives – leaving behind the fun, love and connection they find in each other.

When Tara tracks Ved and meets him in Delhi, she finds a different man – a product manager who has been saving his job solely through his ‘well-mannered’ behaviour and the tendency to be a yes-man of his boss. With a broken heart, she decides to leave Ved alone and move on, but you cannot move on from love, from your own heart. Tamasha traces the journey of Ved leaving behind his put-on, robotic character and coming back to Tara.’ ( Source; Hindustan Times)

In our ‘dream life’, most of us seek a life of fantasy where we can live a care-free life, along with our lover, that is absolutely free from any monotony/ routine and responsibilty.

Often, this happens in many relationships among lovers. When they meet for the first time, they live in a dream world to impress their lover ( either with girl friend/ boyfriend). Then, there is a wonderful sense of humor in their interactions with each other, an unpredictable ‘suspense’ to look forward to in the behavior of their lover, the macho behavioral mannerisms to impress the lover, the concessional wading the hair over the head (of loving girl friend or boy friend), lazing around together in the coffee shop timelessly, walking in the rain together, and just only fun .. and nothing but fun.

But in reality, life is routine .. just routine and nothing else. a job to hold on to pay your EMIs/ bills and the necessity to live within societal norms etc…

I did not like this movie so much. The scenes are disjointed and does not convey the intended message of the movie. Deepika Padukone looks bright and Ranbir excels in his acting prowess. It is amazing to note that both the actors have evolved so much in their acting skills within a short career span in the films.


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