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The conference room at the multinational, Ledo Group of Hospitals… was 20 seater and with a revolving center table to enable members to access whatever required. Video conferencing equipment was available that allows people not physically present to participate in the boardroom meeting via computer. Boardroom had storage cabinets to store the audio-visual equipment when … Continue reading


Salima looked at herself in the mirror…she still looked young despite the fact of she being a mother of 10 year old son! She had decided what to wear for the dinner fellowship meeting…knee-length gray skirt with an 8 inches slit at the right side…which left her legs uncovered…and a maroon colored top…dressy one… which … Continue reading


The plane had landed and was taxing to its usual spot on the tarmac to park itself. Indicator buttons were still glowing asking the passengers to remain seated till the aircraft comes to a complete halt. Irfan could not wait as he got up to adjust his tie and remove the hand luggage. From the … Continue reading

The Best Laid Plans (TBLP) can go wrong!..fiction with suspense/intrigue/passion

Irfan is in haste as he packs his bags. He has a flight to reach Chennai by tomorrow for a ‘price negotiation’ meeting with the multinational his company had signed contract with to develop a biometric solution for their security requirements. Salima, his wife, normally accompanied Irfan on most of his business trips and he … Continue reading

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