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Bhuj city’s astonishing rise from rubble of 2001 earthquake! (with BBC Video)

Kutch is a remote region in the arid borderlands of north-west India. For centuries life was brutally tough – rains often failed, there were few jobs and the enterprising would emigrate. Then in January 2001, a magnitude seven earthquake struck, devastating a huge area, flattening cities including the district capital, Bhuj, and wrecking over 8,000 … Continue reading

‘Halo effect’ works in positive as well as negative way!

‘Halo effect is a cognitive bias in which an observer’s overall impression of a person, company, brand, or product influences the observer’s feelings and thoughts about that entity’s character or properties. The term “halo” is used in analogy with the religious concept: a glowing circle that can be seen floating above the heads of saints … Continue reading

‘Returning awards will not have any effect’ !!

Lately, I have been watching lot of news about talented award winners returning their awards as a mark of protest in the face of few unpleasant incidents as a result of perceived intolerance. Unity in diversity is a concept of ‘unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation’ that shifts focus from unity based on a … Continue reading

Mysore in Karnataka has been named the cleanest city in the Swachh Bharat rankings!

(Mysore in Karnataka has been named the cleanest city in the Swachh Bharat rankings. Scene at K.R. Circle in the heart of city. (Pavan Kumar KJ/HT Photo) I quote from Hindustan Times article dated today ‘The criteria adopted for the rankings have been the extent of open defecation, solid waste management, water treatment, etc. A … Continue reading

A tribute to the ‘Great Person First’ – APJ Abdul Kalam ( 1931-2015)!

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was seen by millions of Indians as the ‘People’s President’, the ‘Missile Man’ who started life as a paperboy. Born in Rameswaram on 15 October 1931, he was brought up by his boatman father Jainulabdeen in a multi-religious environment. He grew up with seven siblings; his mother Ashimma often made … Continue reading

ObamaModi in Mann-ki-Baat Radio Address!

After a gap of over one month when Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address Mann Ki Baat on All India Radio (AIR) on 27 January, he will be accompanied by a special guest, US President Barack Obama. Modi had invited Obama in November 2014 to be the chief guest for the Republic Day function on … Continue reading

Boosting the Economic Growth of India – Need of the hour!

The election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was met with euphoria in India, and with high expectations across the rest of the world. Now, the question on every investor’s mind is: Can Narendra Modi do for India what he did for Gujarat? As Gujarat’s Chief Minister, Modi’s no-nonsense and pro-business leadership brought domestic and foreign … Continue reading

Are we heading for national party government?

( Narendra Modi wearing different hats signifying different states of India) Two very critical constituents of the Indian society are agriculture and the subject of law and order. While more than 70% of the Indian population is some or the other way dependent on agriculture, law and order is something which impacts nearly 100% of … Continue reading

Five-cornered electoral contest takes place in Maharashtra state!

A total of approximate 56 per cent voters exercised their franchise in Maharashtra as polling to elect the new state government ended at 6 PM yesterday. Maharashtra has 288 seats in the assembly with 4000+ candidates in the fray. The voter turnout was higher as compared to the last assembly elections. The state had a … Continue reading

The case of ‘Missing Children’ in Indian metro cities!

“Jhanvi, the three-year-old girl who went missing from the India Gate area on September 28, is a very lucky child, to say the least. Thanks to an aggressive search operation and an intensive social media campaign, the police found the child a week after the dreadful incident. But not all children are as lucky as … Continue reading

“Mann Ki Baat” on AIR – A good way to reach the people of India!

The Prime Minister expressed his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ via a national address on the All Indian Radio (AIR). Addressing the nation on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami (today), he urged people to share their thoughts with him in what may become a more regular conversation on Sundays at 11 a.m. This is Narendra Modi’s first … Continue reading

Realizing the 3-D advantage is the need of the hour!

(Prime Minister Narendra Modi plays a traditional Taiko drum during the inauguration of TCS Japan Technology and Culture Academy in Tokyo | pti) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set the stage for ‘congenial’ growth of Indian economy, keeping in mind the current ‘global’ market conditions and existing political surroundings in the globe. I appreciate this … Continue reading

Narendra Modi continues to woo the Foreign Investors across developed World!

“A stable business environment and investment in human resources are some of the issues highlighted by a group of Indian-American corporate leaders during a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi who invited them to come to India and teach business and entrepreneurship. In the over one hour-long meeting at a hotel where Modi is staying, … Continue reading

IMPLEMENTATION .. what should Narendra Modi focus on?

India’s prime minister-to-be Narendra Modi was huddled in discussions with close aides and advisers on Sunday, 18th May, 2014, finalizing the names of people to join his cabinet and grappling with the crucial decision of who will be his finance minister. One of his most important decisions will be whether to name front-runner Arun Jaitley … Continue reading

May 16, 2014 .. will be a crucial day in Indian Politics!

Going by the exit polls conducted by independent agencies, NDA will either jump across the hurdle or it will be very close to the majority mark of 272 seats. Even though BJP seems to be sweeping in Uttar Pradesh ( ‘Modi wave’ in Varanasi .. as reported in some sections of the media), the question … Continue reading

What I expect from the new elected Government?

‘Whoever becomes the Prime Minister will be the Prime Minister for every citizen, every resident and every visitor of India. The new PM will have to heal the secular rupture that has taken place. No country can make stellar economic progress unless there is peace at its borders and harmony within. Therefore, the first duty … Continue reading

Wishing all Indians .. Happy 65th Republic Day !

‘Republic Day is a good time to examine who we were, how we got here and where we can go.’ Every year, Indian Republic Day instills as well as sustains ‘Hope’ in me. The economic development in India followed ‘Nehruvian’ socialist-inspired policies for most of its independent history ( since Congress party ruled most of … Continue reading

‘Anarchism and the Occupy movement’ !

Wikipedia states .. Several commentators have stated that the Occupy Wall Street movement has roots in the philosophy of anarchism. David Graeber, an early organizer of the movement, is a self-proclaimed anarchist. Graeber, writing for The Guardian, has argued that anarchist principles of direct action, direct democracy and rejection of existing political institutions are the … Continue reading

Participatory democracy will only expedite our country’s progress !

‘The first weekly (every Saturday) “Janata Darbar” of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his ministers today had a chaotic start after thousands thronged the venue, forcing the AAP leader to leave the scene to avoid a possible stampede. An estimated 5,000 people poured into the open space outside the Delhi Secretariat since early morning, … Continue reading

Lokpal Bill will ensure that Indian politics becomes a transparent process!

(Photo courtesy: Former IPS officer and social activist Kiran Bedi with Anna Hazare during his indefinite hunger strike for lokpal bill, at his village Ralegan Siddhi. (PTI)) “It is surprising that our political parties which have the constitutional validity do not want to be either transparent or accountable to the people. They want to ensure … Continue reading

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